Springhill church of Christ

The Lord's church at Springhill welcomes you to learn about becoming a Christian and living according to God's word.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simply live as Christians and only Christians.  Our cry is to simply go back to the Bible as our sole guide for both this life and how to attain heaven as our home in the next, for it is all we need (2 Timothy 3:16-17).  We eagerly await all those that hunger and thirst after righteousness (Matthew 5:6) and seek the truth (John 8:32).

We meet every first day of the week (Acts 20:7) at 10:00 A.M.


In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to Steve Burns and Lloyd Henry. 

 Without Steve's extensive knowledge of the history of the congregation, this page would not be possible and that rich history would be lost.  Thank you, Steve, for your work for the Lord.

 Lloyd was a wonderful part of our congregation.  We always looked forward to him leading us in singing praises to God.  Thank you, Lloyd for your many years of service to God and to the congregation.

 Both these men could be counted on to help with anything we needed around the congregation.  We miss you both and look forward to seeing you in heaven.


Steve Burns 8/30/1952 - 8/1/2013     Lloyd Henry 7/23/1937 - 4/12/2014


Our History at Springhill

In 1915 the Lord's church met for the first time in the Springhill community. This first meeting came about through the efforts of Jim P. Montague and his sons, Paul and Oscar. This group, which numbered a bout fifty, met under a large Post Oak tree close to what is now the Old Jackson Road. The first sermon was delivered by W. B. Walker, as the worshipers sat on makeshift benches under the tree. This humble beginning represented the establishment of the second congregation of the Lord's body in Fayette County.

After meeting under the oak tree for about a year, a brush arbor was built about a quarter of a mile off the road for their second Gospel meeting, again preached by W. B. Walker. The next few years witnessed the growth of the Springhill church. During this time, Frank P. Taylor held several meetings.

Having worshiped first under an oak tree and then under a brush arbor, the church was given a plot of land for a building around 1920. This one – acre lot was given to the church by Richard W. Wright and his family. Wright stipulated that if the Lord's church ceased to meet there, the land would return to the Wright estate. For the next twenty years the congregation met in the building which they built on that tract of land. Incidentally, this building, near the site of the old brush arbor, stood beside the spring for which the community, Springhill, was named. A pond fed by this spring was used to baptize those who obeyed the gospel.

Frank P. Taylor, who held seventeen consecutive annual meetings at Springhill, preached most of the meetings in this building. Also during this time J. D. Tant occasionally arrived unexpectedly and preached for a few days. His son, Yater, also preached several times at Springhill. Another who preached a couple of meetings in this building was B. F. Bedwell.

Among the leaders of the church during the early years were Jim P. Montague, who died in the early 1940's; John Rose, who died in July, 1977; and John Montague, who attended the first worship service in 1915. Another noteworthy member was Sam Morris, who became a Christian while trying to defend his denominational background.

In the early 1940's John Rose and his wife donated a piece of land on the main road for a new building. John Montague built the new building, in which the church still meets today. Many preachers have held meetings or preached regularly in this building since that time. O. S. Lanton, Bill Spate, Greer Hendon, and William Wilder held meetings in the early days of the new building.

While most of the preaching has been done by students from Freed-Hardeman University, several others have preached regularly at Springhill. In the late 1940's, John Clark preached for about four years. In the 50's, Paul Osburn and his father preached regularly. Some of the meetings during this decade were preached by Bill Rogers, Lewis Hale, and George T. Marshall. Beginning in 1960, Rubel Shelly, then only fourteen years old, preached at Springhill for two years (before he fell into liberalism in the 80's). Thus is seen the invaluable service which the Spring Hill church has rendered to inexperienced preachers.

In the 70's, meetings have been held by Jesse Curry, Philip Strafttis, Maruice Lusk, and Ross Anderson. T. M. McKnight preached regularly for about a year in 1975. For a time in 2007-2008, the congregation had a student from the Memphis School of Preaching, Cameron Freeman. Currently, William Langford is serving in the preaching done at this congregation.

Other preachers probably should be named who were associated with the Springhill church. However, time has erased the memory of their names. Many others could be named who have at some time worshiped in this small community and are now preaching, teaching, or leading God's church in other locales. Though time has diminished the number of worshipers at Springhill, the remnant remains strong. With the current membership, we look boldly into the 21st century. We, as Christians, worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24) and seek to do good to all men (Galatians 6:10). We may be small but our faith and determination are strong. It is with this strength that we will grow and survive well into the future.