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The Lord's church at Springhill welcomes you to learn about becoming a Christian and living according to God's word.

Video Sermons

While there are no video sermons from William on this site, we are linked to his youtube channel where you can watch some.  Click here to watch - William's Youtube Channel

Other Sermons

Watch other sermons from faithful Gospel preachers -

 (On a side note, I do apologize in advance for the advertisements.  It is something I have no control over and we at Springhill do not endorse anything the advertisements promote that is sinful.  I had to take my videos off of Google Video for certain reasons and upload them to another site.  The only other site I found was Veoh.  If you know of a better site, please let me know.  Please do not suggest Youtube, as I will not upload them there for the same reasons I took them off of Google Video.  Thanks again.)

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Restoring the New Testament church Seminar Aug. 2008

Due to technical problems, I had to take this video down.  I still have the video and if you want it, just send me an e-mail with your name and address and I will gladly send it to you.